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    Need comps?  

Pulling comparable sales data for lenders & realtors has proven to be a futile attempt in locking down an estimated value for a particular property prior to the actual appraisal order.  In-fact, an appraiser is obligated to pull a complete research packet, conduct a limited inspection of the subject property and analyze the overall quality of the property, condition, age, size and features prior to the determination of an estimated value.  To make an estimate of value(oral or written) prior to obtaining a complete work file would be in violation of appraisal standards(USPAP).

There are several Automated Valuation Models (AVM's) available that would provide as close of an estimate of current market value as an appraiser could provide without an inspection, analysis and actual appraisal of the property.  Please visit some of these sites.

  • Zillow: From the founder of  This site is the newest and incorporates a mapping system similar to google earth.
  • RealEstate ABC:  Named by PC magazine as one of the "100 best sites".  Another mapping system style valuation model for comparable sales.
  • Maricopa County: County information including recorded documents &  plat maps
  • Yahoo Real Estate:   
  • Pinal county:  Pinal county information including maps.  
  • Pima county: Pima county information including maps & zoning.
  • Tucson: County information including recorded documents & zoning.  
  • Other helpful sites;
  • Appraisers dot Com:  Need an appraiser in Kingman, Prescott or Orange county, CA.  Just click here.
  • Google earth:  aerial photos, free download.
  • FHA/HUD:  FHA/HUD home page
  • Qwestdex:  Find builders, home inspectors, roofers, termite inspectors, etc.  Just click here       

Mortgage Lender Links:

   These are the corporate websites of some of our local area lenders dedicated to the mortgage banking industry.  Associated with these companies are loan officers, processors and assistants who are ready to assist you with any mortgage product or question that you may have.  I have been working with these companies for more than 5 years and highly endorse their services.  Please take a moment to visit their sites. 




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