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 James Bobb & Associates, Inc.
                    Fee Schedule    effective July 24, 2007
  Full Appraisal Reports:                              
Single Family Residential  -  1004   Note:  For acreage properties, horse properties, unique properties or over $1,000,000. Please call for a quote. $375.
Add: Cost Approach - (non Fannie Mae) $25.
Add: Cost Approach with Land Sales Analysis $50.
FHA Appraisal Report  -  1004 $400.
FHA New Construction Report - 1004 $400.
Condominium/Townhouse Appraisal Report  -1073 $375.
Manufactured Home Appraisal Report - 1004C $400.
2-4 Unit Residential Report  -  1025 $650.


Limited Appraisal Reports:

Property Inspection (non-conforming) -               Form 1070/1075 $175.
Limited Exterior Only  -  Form 2055 $250.
Market Appraisal - General Purpose Appraisal Report $300.


Review Appraisal Reports:  
Desk Top Review Appraisal Report Call for Quote
Field Review Appraisal Report (A Full Appraisal) Call for Quote

Additional Services:
Land Appraisal Report Call for Quote
Final Inspection - (1004D)     $75.
Compliance Inspection Report - FHA     $75.
Appraisal Update - New Effective Date !!     $175.
Operating Income Statement - Form 216     $50.
Schedule of Rents  -  Form 1007     $50.
Cancellation fee after inspection     $75.
Out-of-Area Trip Charge     $100.

            Type of Delivery:

            Electronic "e-delivery"                                                     N/C

            Each printed copy sent via surface mail                        $10.

            Priority, Overnight or Courier delivery                         $25.

  All professional service fees are considered due upon inspection of the property and payable at the door or upon  receipt of appraisal report & invoice unless other arrangements have been made in advance.*  Fees are past due after 30 days.  Any fees incurred in the collection process including late fees, attorney's fees and court costs are the responsibility of the Client/Loan Officer/Lender.  The obligation of the Client/Loan Officer/Lender for the professional fee is not based on any condition of the results of the appraisal report or loan in terms of the loan closing or funding. 

       The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice(USPAP) standards rule 2-3 prohibits compensation based on the reporting of a predetermined value or direction in value that favors a stipulated result, or the occurrence of a subsequent event directly related to the intended use of this appraisal.  This appraisal firm will not accept an appraisal order whereas the fee for service is to be paid only if a pre-determined value or result is reached.

*-  All clients that choose to utilize the net 30 billing process must have a signed employment agreement form on file.

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